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My tenant is in a hurry and needs to move immediately.
Speedy Background Checks
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Background Checks

My tenant is in a hurry and needs to move immediately.

We hear this so often.  We have had tenant's show up with a U-Haul and all their worldly belongings inside.  There are some legitimate reasons that a tenant may be in this position, but consider this . . .

Notice's to Quit are for three days, once a tenant receives a Notice to Quit, they are in a position that they need to move right away.  If they show up with their belongings with them - or - if they tell you they need to move right away, listen to their story, but be very careful - the tenant in front of you may be in the middle of an eviction.

Speedy Background Checks

I get background checks every day.  I have clients ask questions regularly about how to speed up background checks.  There are some things that are out of our control - such as some of the sites we pull records from are only open during the work week, therefore, a Saturday background check without Wyoming records is going to have to wait until the next business day.

There are things that are within your control.  Make sure we have their full name.  This includes maiden names.  A young woman in her early 20s or someone that has recently married, probably has all of the credit under their maiden name.
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